A Magical Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Simcoe Kids Dental weighs in on making the visit from the Tooth Fairy a magical experience. (Source: America’s ToothFairy, 6 Ways to Make a Visit from the Tooth Fairy Magical (Even When She is Strapped For Cash), https://www.americastoothfairy.org/news/6-ways-to-make-a-visit-from-the-tooth-fairy-magical ).


Your child’s loose tooth can be a big deal if it’s their first one. After all, it is soon going to be time for a visit from the Tooth Fairy. With prizes! Right? America’s Tooth Fairy talks about using the occasion to turn the spotlight on kids’ oral health while making the grand event memorable. For starters, they recommend a brand-new toothbrush as the Tooth fairy’s prize. Simcoe Kids Dental heartily agrees, pointing out, “After three months of use, toothbrush bristles get frayed and are no longer doing their job of scrubbing away plaque effectively. A lost tooth is a great ‘occasion’ to usher in a new toothbrush with a quick lesson to the child about why it is important to do so for your kid’s oral health.”


Another creative idea proposed by America’s Tooth Fairy for cash-strapped parents is to hand-make a little ‘tooth box’ from something you have at home. Even a pill box or a little box that you got something delivered in would do. Simcoe Kids Dental adds a suggestion to make a DIY card with a pouch inside that can carry the tooth. “Get your little one to write a note to the Tooth fairy on the card, and Fairy can leave a reply highlighting basics about kid’s oral care,” they elaborate.


“When you first spot the child’s loose tooth, you can start leading up to the time when it finally falls out,” they recommend. “This gets the child excited about the loss of a tooth rather than being anxious or scared. This lead-up is also a good time for you to teach them about kids’ oral care when they have a wobbly tooth to work around. Make sure to explain how they must not forcefully pull the tooth out.”


America’s Tooth Fairy also has suggestions for the lead-up time. They suggest gathering little trinkets or inexpensive goodies for the child to find and leading up to the ‘treasure’ with a series of tiny footprints made with doll’s shoes. Simcoe Kids Dental adds to the idea with a suggestion that will make your next pediatric dentist visit for your kid’s oral health easy and tantrum-free. “Place a note from the Tooth fairy along with the stash reminding the child of their next dentist’s visit. We often see with our little patients how the stamp of approval from the Tooth fairy takes the fear out of the visits,” they say.


“In short, a visit from the Tooth fairy can be very rewarding in many ways, not just for your child but for you, as parents,” point out the friendly dentists from Simcoe Kids Dental. “A child’s loose tooth can become a great occasion to sneak in a quick kid’s oral care lesson that your little one won’t ignore. After all, it comes right from the top – the Tooth fairy! And it need not be an expensive affair at all if you play your cards right.”


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